Part Four!

The lake was beautiful. Crags on the east side of the lake rising high and mighty, cutting right into the mountain. The water was calm and the lake was deserted. Plenty of trout were feeding; throwing themselves out of the water to catch mayflies and other insects. I had never seen something so amazing; there were waterfalls from the lake leading to a river that ran down the mountain. The girl and her father decided to tag along with us. The father’s name was Rob, the kind of average Joe name. Her name was Marceline. I had honestly never heard that name before, but it suited her. Plus she was cute, so I was happy they were coming along.

The day was…ok. If you include falling into the lake while trying catch a fish. Marceline thought it was hilarious. After spitting the fish I had tried to catch out of my mouth, I laughed too. Dad seemed to have fun. He and Rob laughed and joked around as if they had been friends all their lives. It really freaked me out.

                The day after we set out for home, I thanked God that the packs were lighter. Especially with all the food gone. I don’t know if I could live another day on blueberry nutria grain bars and frozen bananas. This boy needed a double cheese burger. It seemed to go by too quick, mostly because the trail was downhill the majority of the way back. I can’t really explain the feelings I had when I saw the car. The closest I could explain was a mixture between joy and sadness. I had grown to love the outdoors; the silence of the meadows, and the cool fresh smell of cleanliness. But, all good things usually come to an end.

                We packed up and just as I was heading for the door handle; someone tapped my shoulder. It was Marceline. Her car was actually parked only a few spots from our own. “So, I’ll see you at school?” she smiled. Earlier before we left, she and I had struck up a conversation. Turns out, she lived in the same town, and was going to the same school I had transferred to.

“Yeah, I’ll see you there.” I said scratching the back of my head in nervousness. She laughed; something which I had grown to like. Then kissed my cheek and ran to her car. I don’t really know how long I stood there. But once my face turned blue and I remembered to breathe again, I got in the car.

“I know this isn’t Chicago Marshall, but do you think you might like it here?” Dad asked. I could tell he was nervous; this was a fresh start for the both of us.

                I looked out the window, seeing the other car leaving. Marceline sticking out of the window waving goodbye. I blushed slightly and turned to my dad. “I think I could.” We then drove off out of the mountains and back into the city. I could say that the rest of the week went pretty well, but you might call me a liar. Moving all my stuff into the house went a little slow, especially when the moving guy dropped my electric guitar in the yard. I don’t know if I’ll ever get the mud out, but otherwise it went well. That is until I found out that my Dad forgot to pick up any bacon. “Noooooo!!”


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