Here’s the second part of the story I mentioned before. Here it is!

Now, Back to when we got to Colorado. Dad was walking around smiling once again, and I was in the car with the windows rolled down; trying to get as much oxygen as possible. Unless I was looking directly to the east, the Rocky Mountains showed up in my field of vision. To tell you the truth, they made me nervous; like a giant tidal wave was about to crash on the city. Dad got back into the car, and kept driving. Eventually we drove up into said cursed mountains and stopped God knows where. “Here we are!” he beamed. I looked out the windshield and squinted to read the sign.

                “Mirror Lake Trail head?” I said, giving him a real skeptical look. We got out and approached the sign. Reading further on, I almost passed out again; this time not from the atmosphere. “Six miles?!” I screamed. “There’s no way I’m walking six miles to a dumb lake and back!” my dad laughed, “Actually Marshall…” This is where I almost made a dash for the car. Dad only says actually and pauses when I know things are going to get worse. “…it’s six miles to the lake. It’s a twelve mile hike!” He just kept laughing and laughing. I’ll say this, and I’m not proud of it. I made quite a scene when he said those words. My dad ended up having to revive me after I fainted, and then had to pry my fingers loose from the car door. I mean come on; I’m a city kid. We don’t do nature and wild animals. The closest thing I’d come to a wild animal was the time my neighbor had lost her cat and I’d found it in our closet giving birth on my mom’s slippers.

                After an hour of loading the gear, we were ready to head off. I’ll also admit, and I’m still not proud of this one, it was beautiful. I’d never been around so many trees at once. It was completely silent, not a car honking or Italian cab driver shouting anywhere. I was thinking this until the first mile in. I saw some yellow poking through the trees and broke out into a run. I soon recognized them as tents; I almost cried out of happiness (in a manly way may I remind you!). The backpack I was wearing weighed about a thousand pounds from all the food we had to bring; not to mention the exposure I was sure to die from. “Marshall…remember I told you? We have at least another mile to go before it gets dark. What are you stopping for?” I swear this guy’s trying to kill me.


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