This is an essay that I wrote. it represents something we are passionate about. I hope you guys like it.

A Touchy Subject

                There are three subjects people in a whole like to avoid. Religion, sex and Politics. These many subjects are incredibly sensitive, especially to the person you speak to. Because of this, many subjects like these examples have been written out of our culture because it is not “proper” to talk to others about. Many subjects, especially religion (which will be mentioned in the essay), awaken a fire in others and cause them to become very loud and sometimes violent. It is only in our own way to question how we deal with what we are given and how we react to it.

Why should we not be able to speak freely about this? Our most “God given” right is to free speech. Anymore people are very willing to be one sided about this and act very stubborn. Either God exists or doesn’t. There is never a middle line for some and there may never be. We, as humans, tend to ignore something we don’t understand. It is inherently natural; it just becomes extreme in some cases.

                Many personal examples of my own adherence to the religion subject can be called upon easily. In my own house there are some things my family doesn’t bring up because my father could start lecturing us about the subject. He once talked in one go for an hour and a half about religion and ended up finishing with the Mayan calendar. It makes sense to him on how he got there, but my sister, mom and I would rather not try to understand. He isn’t angry about religion; in fact he’s very passionate. But that’s not to say we turn away from all religion altogether when something like it comes into context. I am a Christian, I like going to church, and I believe in God personally. Sadly, I can’t go everywhere and say that freely. I can’t speak about it in school, and I can’t express how it is sad to me how some people choose to believe something. Also, many of my friends are atheists and hate it when anyone brings up anything related to the subject of religion. It doesn’t always make sense, but I tend to leave it alone.

                This is something I have vowed not to do again. I will never get someone mad about their religious beliefs, ever. To sum up the experience, my friend and I almost came to blows from what we said. There is just something about how people might say something that really ticks others off. Cases of this are seen in almost every aspect of human culture since the beginning of our race all the way to present day. Every battle ever fought was fought over a certain opinion, and many times religious opinions had great roles in this. Incredible bloodshed has been rent in the name of their prophet and or god. The way this has been done has become reason enough for people to choose not to believe in god. It makes me sad that others blame the lord for everything wrong in the world. But isn’t conflict and suffering a good thing? Suffering gives us the opportunity to fix things, to show we are able to overcome these obstacles, without obstacles how can we truly prove ourselves?

                As a child growing up, I was told to believe in God because I was supposed to. It was something that was always there like wind, or the ability to touch; I never thought about it. As I have grown older, I was able to recognize the options I have always had; to choose whether or not to follow religion. By deciding, I have reshaped my attitude, actions, and aspects of life to my own liking and understanding. I am blessed actually, to be able to choose. But of course there are individuals in the world that do not or will not, look at both sides to see how they truly feel. My uncle is a very strong-willed atheist. What he believes is limited to what he finds logical. If “it” isn’t concrete and solid he has no reason or evidence to believe it. It is one of the many ways of thinking and feeling that allows to pass by day to day. If that way of logic is what makes him happy, then so be it.

                That sense of thinking can possibly be derived from the reason of fear from what we don’t understand. Culture is a sense of understanding in its own way. When cultures clash, conflict tends to follow due to the absence of understanding. New ways of life can’t just be forced onto people. We have seen it in history and it always has disastrous results. In the way of ignoring what we understand, many choose to do the opposite, to face it head on and destroy it. It is unfortunately also a natural part of human existence – to destroy. Whether it be physical, mental, or in a spiritual manner. I suppose we can only learn what we have previously forgotten – for coexistence, peace, and understanding. Maybe it all has to do with how we feel. We can’t always change how others feel, and we certainly can’t force them. All I know is that whether you do or don’t believe in God is not up to me. It’s with yourself and how you feel.

                We don’t know if God really exists, but we don’t know if he doesn’t. That usually stops the religion subject in its tracks. It’s the same as the chicken and the egg; we will never fully know or understand whether the chicken or the egg came first. And unfortunately, those that do know have left us. If the day ever comes that all the doubt and misunderstood concepts of religion are finally overcome, I’ll be very happy. And in the end of it all, we can’t take our money with us, or business titles, or even our identification. We will leave this world the same way we came in. Alone and with nothing of material possession. In the end, I just have faith.


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